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What so many people don’t realize.

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The Brits 2014
Dress- Vrettos Vrettakos
Jewelry- Lorraine Schwartz
Shoes- Gianmarco Lorenzi
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Christina Hendricks looks as stunning as she always does in this fun dress!

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In 1955, this image here, of a woman was posted in a magazine and was titled 'the perfect woman body'. 

This image right her, defines how women should look, how they are meant and built to look. A healthy woman has large legs, large legs even with cellulite. A big waist and ass, the bigger the hips and ass meant more men were attracted to the woman naturally because it represented fertility. 

This image shows that she loves food and is not afraid to eat what she fancys and wants when she wants it. She feeds herself to keep herself happy and filled. Larger women back then represented money, they represented wealth because it showed they had a lot of money for food. 

Why the fuck did this all change?

Why can’t this still be the perfect body image now, why can’t girls eat what they want, when they want and feel comfortable in their own healthy skin!

I am so mad at the world for making me feel like I have to be skinny and starve myself to feel beautiful.  The world now is so fucked up that being unhealthy, boney, skinny and nearly ill looking means you’re beautiful and accepted into society.  FUCK YOU

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how is she considered a plus size model.. that absolutely disturbs me

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Robyn Lawley

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Love this photo of Robyn Lawley and the quote written on it!

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Some of the beautiful ladies from Muse Models Plus for Vogue. Heather Hazzan, Fine Bauer, Stephanie Shui, Kailee O’Sullivan, Harriet Coleman, Melina Querel, Camilla Hansen, Kristyna Misovcova, Lizzie Miller, Denise Bidot and Anna Adams

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If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.
- Dr. Gail Dines (via losingeliz)